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Deep Cleaning Service

Dubai can be a hot, dusty, and humid city from time to time. That makes it easy for dirt to gather in your home, which may create a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. A deep cleaning service goes beyond your regular home cleaning and leaves your Dubai home spotless. ServiceMarket recommends deep cleaning at least a couple of times per year to keep your home in good condition.

Professional deep cleaning in UAE

Regular cleaning vs deep cleaning

The typical home cleaning services will clean the areas and surface that you are in daily contact with, using regular cleaning equipment like mops and brooms. A deep cleaning service however, will be much more comprehensive. A cleaning team will arrive to make sure that insides of cabinets, ovens, AC vents, ceiling fans etc are clean. Your balcony and lawn furniture will also be dusted and wiped down.

Deep cleaning service is a process

It is something that do beyond your routine surface cleaning. Due to the busy schedules and time, cleaning noticeable places by skipping nooks and corners is the reason for the piling up of dust, stains, cobwebs, bacteria and greasy corners.
While a thorough deep cleaning process sanitizes the whole space from floor to ceiling by killing the germs, bacteria and all unsanitary kinds.
Our Deep Cleaning services is capable of performing the following types of cleaning. Depending on the overall situations and the customized requirements that our customers might have in their mind, we create a tailor-made combination of the following types of cleaning. So, regardless of the types of furniture or other types of elements in the space, our deep cleaning service team clean it all with advanced equipment.

why deep cleaning perfect!

Many of our customers opt to use our deep cleaning service when they move. Since the cleaning is so comprehensive, you can rest assured that your old home is ready to be handed over to the landlord or new owner. For your new home, the deep cleaning service will remove any dirt left from its previous occupant. Less stress, no mess!

Deep cleaning is essential for an office and industry for the safety and pleasant atmosphere. It is a long and exhausting process for you so when it comes to our dep cleaning services team, the entire process will be handled by us with advanced techniques. We clear all the areas that are hard to reach and remove all the germs from every nook and corners. Schedule your office cleaning services with Ontrack deep cleaning services. If your offices have numerous staffs and crowded, then your business space needs a deep cleaning service in quarterly basis. Your desks, doors, tables and cushions all where fully sanitized using proper tools that will wipe out all the dust and insects. We will trace out all the stains, prints and dust from furnishings, ceiling corners, edges, windows and glasses. The deep cleaning crew of Ontrack always ensure safety rules and uses proper tools and supplies. Our cleaning process can be scheduled through hourly basis or long term cleaning sections based on your requirement and cozy. 


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